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About Payne Lawn Care

Payne Lawn Care is a faith-based lawn care company operating locally from Gardner, KS, providing service with honesty and integrity since the beginning. It is owned by Tanner & KimbraLee Payne. Tanner (right) and KimbraLee (left) got married in 2017 and have since welcomed a baby girl to the family as well as an energetic Australian Shepherd (center).

Tanner grew up in Shawnee, KS as one of five children. He grew up with a strong work ethic through examples of hard working parents and lots of opportunities for service through his local church. He attended Shawnee Mission North high school and worked as a full-time heavy-duty diesel mechanic for 7 years before going full-time in lawn care. He enjoys being an entrepreneur and has developed a passion for the green industry over the years.

KimbraLee grew up as a farmer’s daughter in Kensington, KS and attended Tabor College before pursuing Child Life training in children’s hospitals. KimbraLee works part-time from home with a local therapy center for children with autism, alongside living one of her dreams as a stay-at-home mom.

How Payne Lawn Care Came To Be

A Message From The Owner

I gained my first mowing customer at 14 years old when my grandpa no longer had time to mow his own lawn due to operating a business. After grandpa’s mower eventually died, I had to bring my own push mower over to grandpa’s to complete the job in the back of mom’s compact car. I had always enjoyed hard work and working outdoors. Pretty soon, word got out at church that I did a great job of mowing and was able to bring my own equipment!

I began mowing just a few yards a week throughout my teen years adding a few each year, while learning the value of hard work and the character that is built through it. I worked a few other jobs throughout high school but always loved the feeling of running my own business on the side. At 17, a friend from school, who was getting out of the business gave me four more lawns on the same street, not too far from home. This is when I really began reinvesting money back into the business and learning more about lawn care. I bought my first commercial grade walk-behind mower to keep up with the client list and a trailer to haul my equipment around behind my old, rusty Ford pickup.

At 19 years old I began working as a full-time heavy-duty diesel mechanic while running the lawn business on the side most evenings and weekends.  At this stage, I already felt that my list of clientele, which grew from word of mouth, had added up to as much as I could service while still balancing active involvement with my church, family, and my full time job.

At about 24 years old I finally started to learn more about business and began treating my lawn service as a business rather than a hobby.  I made changes to better service my clients as well as become more efficient in my work. After 7 years as a mechanic, I decided I wanted to take the step into full time lawn care doing what I love as an entrepreneur.

Looking back, I am so thankful for all of my clients along the way that have believed in me and helped me get here today. Through our small business we are able to give to others, provide for our family and experience things in life that may not have been possible otherwise. When you support Payne Lawn Care, you are not only getting quality lawn service - you are supporting a local, faith-based family in your community.

Thank You!
Tanner Payne